Welcome, testers! We know you're excited to play! Download now and head on into the world of Toontown.

Operation Dessert Storm is currently available for Windows, Linux, MacOS*, and Android!

* ODS only supports MacOS Sierra

System Requirements

Part Minimum Requirement
RAM 1GB free
Operating System Windows 7, macOS sierra, Linux (Ubuntu 16.04), or Android KitKat
Processor 2-core processor
Graphics OpenGL compatible card with 256 MB of graphics memory
Network 1Mbps Connection

Latest Release Notes

Date Release Notes
June 28th, 2018 - All buildings can now be invaded in Toontown!
- Fixed various crash issues with the cog summons screen
- Skelecogs and V2.0 cogs are now counted in the Cog Gallery
- Fixed yet another mailbox crash issue
- Organic drop and lure gags now have better accuracy
- Teleporting to an estate in another district now works as expected
- Teleporting to another person inside your estate does not start the 15 second boot cooldown anymore
- Invasion bugs with the 3 invasion districts are now resolved
- The fishing cast button is a bit bigger now
- Cog suit parts can now be gathered from Fatal Factories