Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!

Hey there! It's me, Twinkle Cottontail, Toontown's one and only Easter Bunny! I've come from the depths of the Tooniverse with many eggs to share with you Toons.

I was just on my way to Flippy to discuss a way to share these eggs with all Toons, when suddenly some of my eggs grew legs and ran away with the rest

It looks like they didn't get far, though!

I've seen some of these two-legged beasts in Goofy's Speedway and Donald's Dreamland. I hear one of my unsuspecting eggs was accidentally pied in Toontown Central, and now he hasn't the slightest clue where to go!

Rumor is that some of my eggs have turned rotten, haunting each of the Cog HQs! Be careful around them - who knows what hex they'll cast on you! Sticky Lou tried to catch some of these pesky eggs, but they were just too fast for him.

I have a really important request... Please bring my eggs back to me! If you bring me enough eggs, I will give you some truly exotic Easter clothing, straight from Ostown! I've also got a paint bucket or two - I'd be glad to turn you into a pink or white Easter Bunny! Sharing is caring, after all!

Happy Easter, Toons! And remember - I'm leaving on the 7th, so let's get scavenging!

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  • - All buildings can now be invaded in Toontown!
    - Fixed various crash issues with the cog summons screen
    - Skelecogs and V2.0 cogs are now counted in the Cog Gallery
    - Fixed yet another mailbox crash issue
    - Organic drop and lure gags now have better accuracy
    - Teleporting to an estate in another district now works as expected
    - Teleporting to another person inside your estate does not start the 15 second boot cooldown anymore
    - Invasion bugs with the 3 invasion districts are now resolved
    - The fishing cast button is a bit bigger now
    - Cog suit parts can now be gathered from Fatal Factories
  • Updated 06/28/2018