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The Test Has Begun!

Posted By: Disyer

Posted on April 18, 2017 11:03 AM

Hey there, Toons!

Let me introduce myself - I'm Disyer, Dessert Storm's lead developer.. For a few weeks now, after watching Jesse Schell's talks and suggestions to the community, I have been working on bringing the game to Android. At first I thought it was impossible, but I never gave up. I was overcome with happiness when the game first booted on my phone. There were issues.. but most of them are now finally resolved. That's why I think that finally I can let all of you try this out.

That's right - the game is now available on mobile devices - be it phones, tablets, or even Android TVs!

To be honest, I'm really excited about this. It could make Toontown accessible to more people. Now you can play Toontown in school, or on the bus, practically anywhere where you have internet access. In my opinion, it's a huge, bold step - it could potentially be very rewarding. I really hope it pays off!

For the first time ever, Toontown makes it's appearence on the small screen.

For now, you will have to apply to be an Android Beta Tester. I am also considering putting the game on the Play Store, so Toontown could be accessed more conveniently, not only if you search for it - but I need YOUR help to decide. It is certainly too big a decision to decide on my own.

That's why when you apply to be a beta tester, you'll be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire. Do you want Toontown to be on the Play Store? How have you come to that decision?

With your insight, we will be able to decide this for ourselves.

100 Android beta testers slots are available now, at the Android Test page! Click here!


Have a Toontastic day, and enjoy!